Death Marked Love

Episode 9th, “Why Me?”

I was still, standing there. People started gathering around. She was badly hurt. It took me a while to be conscious. Everyone was just staring at her, I picked her in my arms. She was whispering my name, “I am here, don’t worry! Everything is going to be fine”I said. I took her to the hospital.


I was waiting outside the I.C.U. I saw my phone, 20 missed calls, notification popped. It was of grany (my grandmother). She was trying to call me from the last week. She is an astrologer so mostly she roams in other countries. But I always ignore her, so I didn’t pick.

I called her back, and the first thing she asked me, ” Is everything okay?”.

I was astonished, as she knew I don’t like to pick her calls. “I read your cards.” She said. “Is there is someone who loves you” she asked again.

This totally surprised me. As usual I didn’t say a word.

“Death is in your surrounding; Is everything fine?” she asked.

I was quiet for moments, and then a tear rolled out, I couldn’t control my emotions, I told her the whole story.

“Don’t worry! I am coming”. She said and cut the phone.

Doctor came out, ” We did what we could, Now it’s in God’s hand”

“Can I see her”. I asked. He nodded his head in yes.

I entered and sat aside. She was calm and beautiful. ” You look so beautiful when you are sleeping”. I hold her hand and said, “You have to come, are you listening to me!”.

I was crying, “I love you and I need you”. I didn’t know why and how I started to tell her my about my life.

“I was of 9, when my parents died; and grany said that my love is Death Marked and because of me, they died. That’s why I hate her. She left me when I needed her most. Maybe she was right. Maybe because of me you are here. Why this is happening to me? What is my fault? Can’t I love someone?

Each sound escaped from mind and one thing came.

“Why Me?”

To be continue

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