The Moon

A long before, when I was child, when every one of us have our own fantasies, and imagination of our own world. I had this feeling that I resemble the wolf. I adore them. Maybe I am the lone wolf, who survived 20 years of life. I was always curious about that why the wolves howl at the full moon. And the reason, I could remember was that they see the reflection of their love in the full moon.
“So they should be happy for it!” I told myself at that time. And the truth reveals after 20 years of my life. I have a gone through various situations in my life and somehow the lone wolf did survive.
It had been a month since we met. Even though we are just at a distance less than half km walk away from each other.
“You are so lucky, you can meet her everyday” A lot of my friends said this to me. But it’s not like that. She is in college’s hostel, so her outcoming is restricted to 5.30 pm. And we want that the excitement of meeting each other, should be satisfied for both of us. So we generally meet each other on weekends for those long beautiful hours. This time it had been a month. I was eager to meet her. In the evening I went outside the campus with friends, which we do rarely. Suddenly an idea struck in mind. “Can we went to the athletic ground?” I asked my friends and they agreed. They knew why I asked for it. The athletic ground is on the front side of her hostel. She usually talked about it. I was so excited to see her. I called her on the phone.
Hello” I Said.
Hello cb!” She replied.
Hii cb” I said.
Well this how we always start to talk. Even my friends noticed it. Sometime they used to mutter these words with me.
I can’t hear you“, “where are you? Your voice is not coming properly!” I lied.
Is it okay now!” She asked.
No! I can’t hear you! Hello!” I lied again.

Can you come in the balcony?” I asked.

Okay wait!” She said.

My heart was pounding. As she stepped in balcony, my heart skipped a beat. The moment froze. All I could see and hear is just her. For moments I forgot that I am crowded in public ground, staring at girls hostel.
Is it good now” she asked
Beautiful!” I said.
Cb! maybe I just saw your friend, pangi n Anuj” she asked confusingly.
Did you!” I asked and laughed. “See in your right, I am here” I said.
She literally shouted. She was so happy. I was just staring at her. How much beautiful she is. I wish I could hug her at that moment. I was so happy that she was in front of me. I could saw her. And the eyes got to see the only wonder in my world. Also my heart was aching that she is so far away. At this particular, beautiful moment, She was such close to me and yet so far!
I felt the both of feelings, of happiness and pain at the very same moment. I took a long breath!

Even still now I can feel that moment. It’s right in here, in left side, beneath my ribs. I love her for a thousand reasons, and a lot of those can’t be written. They just can be felt. That day I realize what the lone wolf feels when he saw the moon. And the howl. The wolf is so happy that he could see his love in the moon and yet she is so far away from him. And staring at those black dots on moon, the lone wolf said, “You saw perfection in her flaws, that’s what the love is.


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