Love Yourself

I haven’t wrote for a while. I was busy in some other stuff and I couldn’t find time for myself. But right now I want this moment to stay, cause It’s mine.
I want to live each second, feel the breath, listen to my heart beat, and gonna stare at her photo.
Yesterday It was her birthday, Earlier I planned to write on yesterday But I couldn’t.
So here I am with post birthday write-up.
At this moment I am not thinking about anything else, just penning down the thoughts crossing my mind. Calmness is a beauty in itself. No matter what I am going through in my life her voice makes me calm.
The way she care about me, makes me feel alive. My existence crave for her, maybe it’s wrong or right, I don’t care. Atleast I can feel myself.

I remember the moment, she asked, “Are you going to love me further in life the same way you do right now”.
“Won’t you never leave me alone?”
“I don’t have any other choice, If there is any, I am ignorant for its existence. Loving you is the only thing that keep me closer to myself. It’s the most beautiful feeling I had after my mother’s love” I told her.
Hey! I know, we aren’t together this time, but you know what! You are always here. In a small corner of my chamber of my heart, ruling over me. Teaching me the right and wrong all the time. Asking me to take care of myself. You know how much i want to see you happy, you know right.

So maybe this post was myself. Sometime in keeping everyone happy, we forget that there is one more person you need to take care of. You, yourself. So do things you love, as I love writing, feeling the emotions all over again, drowning in own tears and that peace!
Oh my girl, you have the most beautiful heart, I have ever seen in my life. And you know I fell for that. So don’t let anyone change that. This write up is dedicated to you. And something I needed to do from a very long time. You know there is no shame in penning down moments and crying along them, feel the pain and flow in it. That’s how you get close to yourself. That’s how you know yourself. And that’s how you love yourself. And you know what loving you is just an another name of loving myself.



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