Don’t Give Up

I clicked this one while we were coming down to our camp from Sainj valley. I was in front and as I saw towards my back, checking on the rest of people. I saw her. She was looking so adventurous. I asked her for the photo. She is so kind and ground to earth. And her smile is so beautiful.

And these two small branches of a tree, I liked them as it is.
I was thinking about some stuff lately and I feel to share it with you guys.
We all have an illusion that we are living but the real scenario is that we all are dying.
Some will die soon or some will later. And what we do the whole time, thinking about what we are going to do in our future, how we are going to live our life.
But It doesn’t matter. All of it. But still, we do it. I do it.
I can’t say about you, knowingly that the reality could be far different from what I vision.
But I love doing it. You know I love the thought of smiling back at my past and think about the dreams I once had. The vision I had in my eyes. I will smile and look at myself and I will say what kind of dreams those were?
Or another case scenario is that I will become what I wanted to be!
And I will look at my past and see How it all begin!
But I am not going to stop doing it, Dreaming!
Dream as much as you can!
Get Inspired!
Either achieve it or dry trying.
But just don’t give up!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up

  1. Beautiful smile and a joyous open look. Love her😍
    Yup – our realities are soooo different. All of us come from different backgrounds and cultures and are at different levels of consciousness. And that makes life so beautiful and fun. Our thoughts create our reality 😇 Please keep enjoying your dreams😊🤗
    People who are afraid of death never really live. I love life and it is NOW. This moment is real and is the only reality. Past and Future are mind constructs; a mere movement of thought.

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