Rise Again

I want this time to fly away and take me along to somewhere so I could see If Is there really some point in my life where things will get better. Where I don’t have to worry about things that are not in my control.
And If I don’t have such a thing in my life, then It will be easier for me to pass the life without those dreams who doesn’t let me sleep in nights. That repeatedly growing expectation that I have to cut in the very morning.

Will it be easier?
The answer is No!
Even if you have something in the future that you are aware of coming to, no matter what! (hypothetically saying). You wouldn’t sit there quietly and have it laugh on you and get past you that easily.
You will fight it, till the last even If the result were clear already, you will fight for your pride, you will show it is not that easy.
Of our failure without even the fight?
Not a chance in hell!
And if you have accepted it and waiting for it to come by, then I would say you are not living life. You are just passing it.
So every morning when the plant of expectation begins to rise, I cut it.
Every night before I sleep, when my mind is full of dreams, I tell them, “Don’t believe me, If I say I will make your existence the truth”
And when something bad happens to me I say to myself, worse is yet to come.
Don’t be coward, don’t give up!
Rise again.

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