You Will know!

So how’s this new idea!
Well isn’t it the idea!
The seed of the Imagination, where creativity is the fruit.
And emotions are like motivators! That let us in the flow.
The flow of our world of imagination.
“An Idea that can change your entire life.”
Isn’t that what you want? Or not!

©dark anki

Sometimes I think, what if we are the writers of our own life or we have chosen the story of our life on our own. Like we created a story with all these complexities, fear and happiness and then choose to be part of the character or choose a story that seems better to us.
And then we come we forget everything about it, and start believing what was told to us! “Door is the door!
The window is the window!
Why can’t a window be called door too! The door is an easy word to remember.” I used to think about such things in my childhood.

So back on the Idea where we have created a masterpiece (according to our own convenience) and came to live it. We knew at first it will feel like shit but with time we are going to realize, how beautiful this life we have chosen for ourself.

One way or another we will be on the path we are meant to be! There is no escape to that! “But we don’t know what we want!”
But that’s not true actually. We just don’t give ourself enough time to know what we want!
We don’t listen to what our inner soul is craving for! Making our life more complex, judging ourselves on things we should never do.
Suppressing an individual’s potential and make him feel like he is nothing.

We all have a part to do! One way or another we are going to do it. If you really want to know what you want to do! Explore what makes your soul feels satisfaction. A feeling of relief even no one sees it or appreciate you for it.
Where happiness is because of you doing it not because of people praising it.
Keep exploring and keep going. You will know what it is. Just keep doing what excites you!

dark anki

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