It Matters!

Well, have you ever been to a park or trek! If you have, you know how much peaceful is it. It sucks all the negativity from you and makes you who you really are. A beautiful person. No matter what you are going through It will make you calm down. Boost you! You will be prepared to fight again. There is one thing I always wanted to learn from nature. Nature gives you happiness, care and love, and expect nothing back! I am quite jealous because of it. Because talking about myself. I am afraid of losing the people I … Continue reading It Matters!


Yeah, It’s true! If you really want to do something, you just have to step forward and the universe will make a way for you. You just have to dream, think about it, feel it. If your dreams don’t give you the goosebumps or don’t make you listen to your heartbeat, fills you with a lot of energy that you can do anything you want! You have to change your dreams! I once read, “I am not afraid that my dreams were so high that I couldn’t achieve them, I am afraid that my dream is low and I do … Continue reading Dreams

Keep Fighting!

Every day I woke up, and think about what I have to do today! The whole day I fight with time, the pending work, deadline, upcoming assignments and project. Prioritize everything as per their importance. Other responsibilities and the work another then academics. Managing it! And making sure everything is going good. There is no option of “I can’t.” “The only option is I have to.” I have to do it. There is no way around. Today or tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I have to do it or otherwise, It will weigh my back. It’s hard to keep patience … Continue reading Keep Fighting!

Isn’t It Beautiful!

If there is light then there is darkness! If there is sunrise then there is sunset! If there is a full moon then there is the dark night! If there are sad moments then happy one will come too! The river flows one way, But the boat either flow with the flow or in the opposite direction. If the dark clouds come above, let them rain, feel every droplet and after that wait for the sun to shine again and feel the warmth. Life is not about to be loved or happiness and the high feel. Sometimes it’s good to … Continue reading Isn’t It Beautiful!

What do you feel!

What should I say? I don’t know! All the thoughts come so fastly, rushing to my mind. This pain which I buried deep inside always trying to break that door. And a load of regrets I carry on back. Every morning should be a new day, a new story. Life is like a plain paper, where you write your own story, you make your own way & don’t worry if your way is different. Winning or losing in the end, the real enjoyment is in the journey. Consistency is hard to attain. When you put your efforts again and again, … Continue reading What do you feel!

Do you know!

Do you know me? Do you? Yeah, I am asking you! Do you know me a bit? Think again! Think thoroughly! Do you know when I feel sad? Do you know when and why I feel angry? Do you know what it is I love to do? Do you know what I think most of the time? What I am going through? Do you know what hollow winds put in my ears in the dark nights? How my pillow soaked all the tears without even showing it to someone else? What my parents used to tell me? Do you know … Continue reading Do you know!

Who am I?

Who am I? A question I ask myself every night. And left unanswered and hope rise that I will find the answer next day. And the next night again I ask myself and again I tell myself to have patience. That a day will come when I come to know who I am! Am I a body and soul who have a story written before I came into this world. Or am I writing my own story? Is my will is my will? Or I am driving by mystical forces of nature. Every decision I ever took, was It mine? … Continue reading Who am I?