Imagination: Upcoming Reality

We all do imagine good and bad things. Sometime even worst. But we can’t imagine something entirely different, a complete new creation. The very basic idea of imagination has its roots from something that really exist. Sometime Imagination is moderation of that basic idea which really exist somewhere. In other words you can’t imagine the basic idea.
However with imagination you can do whatever you want to do. It’s a free world of completing your dreams. You just need to let your subconscious feel that it’s real.

Remember soemtime when we get awake in our dreams, for fragments of time we can do, whatever we want to. We drive our dream through our ways. And it all feels like real.
If we imagine something realistic and if it doesn’t happen yet, so there is chances that it can happen in future.

As per Murphy law, “whatever can happen, will happen. Later or sooner.”

You can possibly imagine outcomes of your action. If you observe the timeline briefly, you can predict the future.

As each law has its limitation, so enjoy but don’t believe much in these prediction. And thus how ‘Imagination’ can be the upcoming reality.


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