I was talking to my friends from my school, as I am an alumnus of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Bilaspur. I lived a hostel life for 7 years. I was missing the old good moments however I remember I left that school with a smile on my face.So we were talking on this WhatsApp group of … Continue reading Grounded!


The End Itself.

Often people ask me, How can you write this much? Some said I always enjoy your writing! And You are maturing in writing. Sometimes people use to tell me my mistakes. Most of them don't even care what I have written. They don't worry about themselves by reading my caption or clicking on the link … Continue reading The End Itself.

Sainj valley 3/3

The last one of the series! Hope you did like these. Again this one from is Sainj valley. He is the priest of this beautiful temple behind. He saw us all and came to talk. "Where are you from?" He asked. "Namastey Uncle Ji!" Our guide replied. "These are students of NIT Hamirpur" He added. … Continue reading Sainj valley 3/3

Sainj valley 1/3

Sainj Valley trek When we were coming back, from our trek in Sainj valley, there was a small house where our lunch was arranged. Along with its side, natural drainage and water are flowing through the mountains. It was beautiful. After eating my lunch, I was Sainj valley 2/3staring at the water, It's sound was … Continue reading Sainj valley 1/3

जिंदगी साइकल सी!

जिंदगी ये साइकल सी, चलते रहना, संभले रहना! कोई अपना मिलेगा, तो कोई अजनबी! मुस्करा कर सिर हिला देना, चलते रहना! सपनो के काले बादल, हैं भागे जा रहे, छोड़ हमे आगे आगे, तू पीछा करते रहना! कभी ठोकर खाए, तो कभी डगमगाए, पर तू न डरना! चलते रहना, पीछे मुड़ ना देखना! बिखर जाएं … Continue reading जिंदगी साइकल सी!