My Thoughts

In our childhood, we had a lot of time to think, rethink or Ignore! But nothing makes sense back then. In our adulthood when things begin to make sense, now we don't have time! In childhood, we were happy in our own self and as we grew up, we came to believe we will be … Continue reading My Thoughts

Stats Of 2k18

I should have posted this few months back! But you know! You are never late to begin. I want to thanks my every reader. Thanks for this much love. And keep sharing, keep liking, commenting if you do like my content. (For who don't know what pink resembles, well it resembles the views from that … Continue reading Stats Of 2k18

The End Itself.

Often people ask me, How can you write this much? Some said I always enjoy your writing! And You are maturing in writing. Sometimes people use to tell me my mistakes. Most of them don't even care what I have written. They don't worry about themselves by reading my caption or clicking on the link … Continue reading The End Itself.