What do you feel!

What should I say? I don’t know! All the thoughts come so fastly, rushing to my mind. This pain which I buried deep inside always trying to break that door. And a load of regrets I carry on back. Every morning should be a new day, a new story. Life is like a plain paper, where you write your own story, you make your own way & don’t worry if your way is different. Winning or losing in the end, the real enjoyment is in the journey. Consistency is hard to attain. When you put your efforts again and again, … Continue reading What do you feel!

Do you know!

Do you know me? Do you? Yeah, I am asking you! Do you know me a bit? Think again! Think thoroughly! Do you know when I feel sad? Do you know when and why I feel angry? Do you know what it is I love to do? Do you know what I think most of the time? What I am going through? Do you know what hollow winds put in my ears in the dark nights? How my pillow soaked all the tears without even showing it to someone else? What my parents used to tell me? Do you know … Continue reading Do you know!

Who am I?

Who am I? A question I ask myself every night. And left unanswered and hope rise that I will find the answer next day. And the next night again I ask myself and again I tell myself to have patience. That a day will come when I come to know who I am! Am I a body and soul who have a story written before I came into this world. Or am I writing my own story? Is my will is my will? Or I am driving by mystical forces of nature. Every decision I ever took, was It mine? … Continue reading Who am I?


Every person around us holds two faces. One side bright and another side dark as of the moon. We all see the bright one, smiling, happy, cheerful, enjoy or exciting. And sometimes we do notice up to the grey part, his anxiety, his anger, expression, his reaction etc. But we couldn’t see is the dark side of the face. Where the real truth lies. Where eyes can’t lie. Expressions can’t be fake. And you can’t lie. Because all you know is dark. Rarely we got to know someone’s dark side. And we don’t judge at that point because to feel … Continue reading Afraid!!

Your weapon!

In the previous post, we talk about that we can’t outrun the fight and we don’t want to. So did you ever think what is it that makes you don’t want to fight? Why you try to outrun? Why people give up already? Let me tell you. Ever seen a fight scene in the movie. Old movies. When people fight with hand made weapons. In one to one fight, they asked you to choose your weapon. For whatever you feel, that yes this is with what I will fight. That’s fair. That’s what you can choose. I usually heard life … Continue reading Your weapon!

Fight For!

Yes, we all. I am including you too. We all are fighting here, no matter that either cause of the fight is low or higher. We are fighting to survive, Fighting for own existence, Fighting for respect, Fighting for love, Fighting for loved ones, Fighting for own pride, Fighting to prove our worth, Fighting for yourself, Fighting to show that yes we are! Fighting for our dreams, Fighting to achieve them, Fighting to survive. Fighting for own identity. Fighting all the obstacles in our way, in life, and with time. And the fittest survive. You can’t run from it, either … Continue reading Fight For!


Hope your Holi did bring you the colours of happiness and joy in your life. If you ask about my Holi, I woke up at 12 noon. Last night I slept at 3 am after the shoot. I wasn’t interested in playing with colours and in dance. I don’t even remember when the last time I played with colours. For today my plan was to leave for home. But before that, I wanted to click something for this Holi. After all, Holi is full of colours. Everyone who tried to put colour on me, “I am allergic”, I lied. And … Continue reading Freedom