The Moon

A long before, when I was child, when every one of us have our own fantasies, and imagination of our own world. I had this feeling that I resemble the wolf. I adore them. Maybe I am the lone wolf, who survived 20 years of life. I was always curious about that why the wolves howl at the full moon. And the reason, I could remember was that they see the reflection of their love in the full moon. “So they should be happy for it!” I told myself at that time. And the truth reveals after 20 years of … Continue reading The Moon


In the last week, on the Thursday morning. When my roommate, pangi (that’s what we call him.) woke me up at 9 am. “We already missed a class, wake up!” He said. I was sweating, the first words came out from my mouth “Fuck! It was just a dream”. I felt relieved. I did forget the dream as soon as I wake. My heart was pounding so hard. I could feel the fear inside me. I didn’t have much time to think about it. I was getting late to my class. I ran toward the washroom. It was my geology … Continue reading Escape