I never knew!Are you aware of this!Well! being lockdown in home alone for this much time! I never knew I could survive and possibly start to like it.Of course, there are ups and downs in daily life, but in the end, you learn the lesson or enjoy the memory and move on.Sometimes it does feel … Continue reading Alive!


Yeah, It's true! If you really want to do something, you just have to step forward and the universe will make a way for you. You just have to dream, think about it, feel it. If your dreams don't give you the goosebumps or don't make you listen to your heartbeat, fills you with a … Continue reading Dreams

Wolf Howls for Moon

The first time I saw her, everything stopped and every sound gets dim, my eyes was purely focussed on her, walking with her as she was going carefree, without noticing anything or anyone around. She was similar to the bright moon between all the diminished stars. At that particular moment, I decided that I am … Continue reading Wolf Howls for Moon


Believe in your dreams! I heard this a lot of times. But you ever think what it really means. But before it there comes a point, have a dream. Dream big. Who doesn't have a dream? Everyone does! Yeah everyone has in the beginning and we love to live in our dreamland, where everything is … Continue reading Achiever

Panorama Shots

Parnoma Shots