dark anki: I am feeling lonely most of the times. She: Aww dark anki: What do you do? When you feel like this. She: Good question dark anki: Nice answer (Both laughs) She: I go silent dark anki: Me too She: It's a useless piece of advice but I do this. dark anki: It's not … Continue reading Lonely

Be Inevitable

Whether you believe it or not or even ignore its existence. Call it science or whatever but there is something inside every one of us. The unrevealed secrets, the mystical forces that can't be seen, but felt. There is energy inside ready to be channelized by us but with proper practice. Controlling our body and … Continue reading Be Inevitable

Prayas: A Literacy Mission

A place where these kids comes to know the real meaning of word "dreams". Where they can fly in the shape of their own thoughts. Every year first year of pixonoids club makes the video on prayas. That's how they get the experience of making a video on their own. I have seen a lot … Continue reading Prayas: A Literacy Mission

Death Marked Love

Episode 8th, This can't be happen I was feeling completely numb, my whole body was still like a statue. It took a few seconds to realize that I was actually kissing her. I had a look towards her. Her eyes were closed so I closed mine too. I don't know that how much passionate I … Continue reading Death Marked Love

Death-Marked Love

Episode 7th, Was it a reality or just a dream!! I didn't remember when I start to jump in mud with naked feet, with those small childrens. We were fighting each other being superheroes, I was Batman. She became Supergirl and those kids too. Suddenly it's started to rain, I ran from there to hide … Continue reading Death-Marked Love

Death-Marked. Love

Episode 6th, What about her 'Plan'..? In the end, I get to know one thing about love, that it's complicated. We came back to city, "what's your plan" I asked. "Let me drive" she replied and smiled. Her suspensive smile was killing me. Now on the other seat, I was thinking about her site. I … Continue reading Death-Marked. Love

Death-Marked Love

Episode 5. Love is complicated. So I have decided not even to look at her. We made pasta and it was good in taste. In morning when I wake up she wasn't there. I searched here and there, her phone was in car. I just can't explain what hapened to me. I was feeling numb. … Continue reading Death-Marked Love

खुद की ही तलाश..।

एक अपना ही जहां उसका, खुश रहता था जिसमे हर समा, एहसास हुआ कि, हक़ीक़त नही वो, फिर भी राह ताके इंतेज़ार करता रहा..! मंज़र वो देख खुदा का दिल न पिघला, खुद में ही टूट गया उसका बाशिंदा..! टूटी वो आखिरी उम्मीद जो उपर वाले से था लगा बैठा, पंख टूट गए फिर भी … Continue reading खुद की ही तलाश..।

खामोशी मेरी ढाल..!!

हाँ मिल जाते है राही, जिंदगी के हर नए सफर पे, पर अक्सर जब मंज़िल बदलती है, तो अकेला ही चलता हूँ मै। यूँ तो खुश हूं मैं अपनी नई जिंदगी में, पर यादें, बीती बातें, आंखें छलका जाती हैं। दिख जाते है वो लोग जब पुराने, हंसते मुस्कुराते, अच्छा लगता है, पर दुख भी … Continue reading खामोशी मेरी ढाल..!!

The Girl With Umbrella

  I was in rush, suddenly I saw a girl holding an umbrella, she was going in same direction. I want her to let me under the umbrella. I was nervous. I was planing, what to do? (Walk similar to her and I will say can you please..?) Huhh..! No something else, something different with etiquettes. And water droplets start striking more harshly.