Chapter 3 Naked ! {If you haven't read,"Chapter 1" and Chapter 2} 'Are you talking to me' "Uh! Yeah" 'I am sorry, I am busy right now, Is it really important!' "Can I walk with you till the hostel" 'Uh! Okay tell' "Yeah! I saw you today at the department" 'Yeah, I have some work … Continue reading Naked

Death Marked Love

Episode 8th, This can't be happen I was feeling completely numb, my whole body was still like a statue. It took a few seconds to realize that I was actually kissing her. I had a look towards her. Her eyes were closed so I closed mine too. I don't know that how much passionate I … Continue reading Death Marked Love

Death-Marked Love

Episode 7th, Was it a reality or just a dream!! I didn't remember when I start to jump in mud with naked feet, with those small childrens. We were fighting each other being superheroes, I was Batman. She became Supergirl and those kids too. Suddenly it's started to rain, I ran from there to hide … Continue reading Death-Marked Love