Chapter 1 I Cheated! (Before you start reading, "BOY" and 'Girl') "Can we talk?" 'What do you want now?' "Just want to talk, for me, for us! Did you forget all the moments we had? " 'No I haven't forgotten anything!' "So why not let us give a chance! " 'It's not going to work … Continue reading Naked


Chapter 2 Are You Talking to me! {If you haven't read,"Chapter 1"} 'I Cheated' "What the fuck! " 'Please be, quiet! ' (After few moments of silence.) "But you know what! It doesn't matter now, I still want to be yours! " 'But It matters to me' "Why?" 'It happened once and It can happen … Continue reading Naked


Chapter 3 Naked ! {If you haven't read,"Chapter 1" and Chapter 2} 'Are you talking to me' "Uh! Yeah" 'I am sorry, I am busy right now, Is it really important!' "Can I walk with you till the hostel" 'Uh! Okay tell' "Yeah! I saw you today at the department" 'Yeah, I have some work … Continue reading Naked

Someone !

A few months back I saw a quote,She is not someone's sister;She is not someone's mother;She is not someone's wife;"She is someone..!"And this touches my heart somewhere deeply. And today It came above scratching the layers below which it was fighting to come above continuously. It was waiting for a perfect portrait. Here I am … Continue reading Someone !

Little Things

Happiness can be created, you just need to know what makes you happy. You know what, it doesn't demand having luxury life and cars. It just required few moments which you have to give yourself. In these moments do what you really love to do and see. These little things gives us happiness that we … Continue reading Little Things


Creativity and Improvisation comes later. First comes the basic thing. And that is will and courage to take the first step. Because it takes something that everyone can't afford to risk. dark_anki

Worse Thing.

I can't say what is better; Either winning, Or losing. But I know what is worst, Not even trying. dark_anki

An Art Itself.

If you ever got a chance to visit shimla. And if you wouldn't go to this place, you are going to regret it. This place is so beautiful. Now a days this is a research institute and also a tourist place. And this place is an art itself. Indian Institute Of Advance Study. dark_anki Me … Continue reading An Art Itself.