Don’t Give Up

I clicked this one while we were coming down to our camp from Sainj valley. I was in front and as I saw towards my back, checking on the rest of people. I saw her. She was looking so adventurous. I asked her for the photo. She is so kind and ground to earth. And … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

It Matters!

Well, have you ever been to a park or trek! If you have, you know how much peaceful is it. It sucks all the negativity from you and makes you who you really are. A beautiful person. No matter what you are going through It will make you calm down. Boost you! You will be … Continue reading It Matters!

The Fire, It matters

It was a long interval, last time I wrote about a month ago. I was not in mood to write. Sometimes what we do is play a single song on repeat mode, because the lyrics and musical flow help you in handling your pain and thoughts. Once my sir told me a story of a … Continue reading The Fire, It matters

The Girl With Umbrella

  I was in rush, suddenly I saw a girl holding an umbrella, she was going in same direction. I want her to let me under the umbrella. I was nervous. I was planing, what to do? (Walk similar to her and I will say can you please..?) Huhh..! No something else, something different with etiquettes. And water droplets start striking more harshly.