Don’t Give Up

I clicked this one while we were coming down to our camp from Sainj valley. I was in front and as I saw towards my back, checking on the rest of people. I saw her. She was looking so adventurous. I asked her for the photo. She is so kind and ground to earth. And … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

The Fire, It matters

It was a long interval, last time I wrote about a month ago. I was not in mood to write. Sometimes what we do is play a single song on repeat mode, because the lyrics and musical flow help you in handling your pain and thoughts. Once my sir told me a story of a … Continue reading The Fire, It matters

Shattered Ends

Till today I remember that day, I went to my Aunt's (father's sister) home. Construction work was in progress. And these two people were there filling the base of the structure. He is such an old guy, still working for his family. It's good to do some work instead of sitting in home and listening … Continue reading Shattered Ends