Chapter 1 I Cheated! (Before you start reading, "BOY" and 'Girl') "Can we talk?" 'What do you want now?' "Just want to talk, for me, for us! Did you forget all the moments we had? " 'No I haven't forgotten anything!' "So why not let us give a chance! " 'It's not going to work … Continue reading Naked


Chapter 3 Naked ! {If you haven't read,"Chapter 1" and Chapter 2} 'Are you talking to me' "Uh! Yeah" 'I am sorry, I am busy right now, Is it really important!' "Can I walk with you till the hostel" 'Uh! Okay tell' "Yeah! I saw you today at the department" 'Yeah, I have some work … Continue reading Naked

The Little Bird

And that little bird, I was caressing for months, Came to learn how to fly, It broke my heart although, It's my fault, that deep in my heart, I kept a expectation hidden beneath, Which couldn't be digged since yet, That she will not leave me alone. Although I saw it clearly, That one day … Continue reading The Little Bird

My wandering soul

Oh! my wandering soul, It's not your fault, Still I remember the day, It was me who took you there, Where you came to know, That Wandering is the flavour, Which meet up to the thirst, That was flowing in veins, from years, All you want is to be there, But time made his own … Continue reading My wandering soul