Death Marked Love

Episode 9th, "Why Me?" I was still, standing there. People started gathering around. She was badly hurt. It took me a while to be conscious. Everyone was just staring at her, I picked her in my arms. She was whispering my name, "I am here, don't worry! Everything is going to be fine"I said. I... Continue Reading →


On the same page !

It was the wedding night. As I enter my room, bed was decorated with the flowers. Room was full of beautiful and coloured dim lights. My beautiful wife was siting on the bed, in red ghagra. Veil had covered her beautiful face; Unlike moon she had no black spots. I knew what these wedding nights... Continue Reading →

Moments 🖤

Whenever I see back in my life, all I see is how much I lose, for what? Nothing and although knowing this, still I am going on the same path, because this is life. Either walk or crawl you have to move forward with time. Anothervise all you will have is burden of regret and... Continue Reading →

Death Marked Love

Episode 8th, This can't be happen I was feeling completely numb, my whole body was still like a statue. It took a few seconds to realize that I was actually kissing her. I had a look towards her. Her eyes were closed so I closed mine too. I don't know that how much passionate I... Continue Reading →

She was afraid!

I was with my friends in manali. It was trip of 2-3 days. A whole day with friends seems like a whole year full of joy. We were crossing the long bridge and all of sudden I saw these two kids. A sister with his small brother with a bowl filled with oil in their... Continue Reading →

Shattered Ends

Till today I remember that day, I went to my Aunt's (father's sister) home. Construction work was in progress. And these two people were there filling the base of the structure. He is such an old guy, still working for his family. It's good to do some work instead of sitting in home and listening... Continue Reading →

She is sleeping.

Mom was afraid, she was sobbing too. I was sitting with my dad, along with her. My dad had her in his arms. He was just trying something so that she can easily let her soul leave her body in peace without much pain. I don't know but my dad is too strong or I... Continue Reading →

My wandering soul

Oh! my wandering soul, It's not your fault, Still I remember the day, It was me who took you there, Where you came to know, That Wandering is the flavour, Which meet up to the thirst, That was flowing in veins, from years, All you want is to be there, But time made his own... Continue Reading →

Death-Marked Love

Episode 7th, Was it a reality or just a dream!! I didn't remember when I start to jump in mud with naked feet, with those small childrens. We were fighting each other being superheroes, I was Batman. She became Supergirl and those kids too. Suddenly it's started to rain, I ran from there to hide... Continue Reading →

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