You just can't escape the truth blaming on others. If you are hurt, It's your fault. dark_anki



Ever felt like and empty shell, Cause that's what I am without you. dark_anki

The Moon

A long before, when I was child, when every one of us have our own fantasies, and imagination of our own world. I had this feeling that I resemble the wolf. I adore them. Maybe I am the lone wolf, who survived 20 years of life. I was always curious about that why the wolves... Continue Reading →


कि कहूं अगर चांद से भी, कि दो लफ्ज़ लिखे तारीफ में तेरी, मानो मेरी, रह जाएगा वो कागज खाली, क्यूंकि लफ्जो में तेरा बयां है ही नहीं। dark_anki


मेरे इन लबों की आजमाइश है, छू लूं तेरे लबों को, बस यही ख्वाहिश है। dark_anki


In the last week, on the Thursday morning. When my roommate, pangi (that's what we call him.) woke me up at 9 am. "We already missed a class, wake up!" He said. I was sweating, the first words came out from my mouth "Fuck! It was just a dream". I felt relieved. I did forget... Continue Reading →


ए वक़्त रुक जा कुछ ओर वक़्त के लिए, अभी तो हमने जीना सीखा है। कह सके सीना तान! कि हमने भी, ज़माने को करीब से देखा है। dark_anki

Suck My Di**!

It's my humble request, If you do feel offended reading this blog, try to ignore it. Otherwise I don't give a fuck about how you feel. I went to this dog, he was looking a little irritated eating the stick of grass. I asked him, what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Does... Continue Reading →

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