Love Yourself

I haven’t wrote for a while. I was busy in some other stuff and I couldn’t find time for myself. But right now I want this moment to stay, cause It’s mine. I want to live each second, feel the breath, listen to my heart beat, and gonna stare at her photo. Yesterday It was her birthday, Earlier I planned to write on yesterday But I couldn’t. So here I am with post birthday write-up. At this moment I am not thinking about anything else, just penning down the thoughts crossing my mind. Calmness is a beauty in itself. No … Continue reading Love Yourself

The Dawn

First of all “Happy New Year” to all of you. 2k18, for me was hard, so many ups and downs. And what I lose was more than what I gain. But it’s inevitable. There is No Escape. But we need to learn and move on. Wounds heals with time, if you want them to be. It’s heavy to carry things with you. A Burden. Let them go and feel the flow of time. If you want something in life, then first thing is to prepare your mind for, what you could lose and the worst thing that could happen. ‘Just … Continue reading The Dawn